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Anyone Can Make a Mess


I had the privilege of a weekend away in Wick, right in the north of Scotland where I was surrounded by beautiful scenery, wildlife and lovely people, all contributing to a wonderful break from city life.

‘Cleansing’, I believe, is the vocabulary for very wet, very wild and very windy weather!

Following a brisk walk along the cliff edge while in awe of the strength of the powerful waves lashing in from the North Sea, I was very appreciative of a hot shower and the warmth and the smell of the wood burner, while watching TV.

A man was ‘turning’ some wood on his hand made lathe with the intention of making a plate. It was effortless until he handed over to the TV presenter who made a mess, highlighting the talent of the expert.

He took back control with a smile and the message,

 “anyone can make a mess.

It takes talent to sort it out and make it look easy”

 Now he was talking about craftsmanship, he was past making the mess!

It took me right back into our world of business and how you and I use our talents in some areas and try to ‘get by’ in others.

Two Reflection Questions I asked myself

  1. Where are my skills and talents being used?
  2. Where am I making a mess?

And now ask yourself

Who is helping you clear up your mess?

  1. Who is helping you clear up your mess?

I know that my talent is in the development of the structure and people in your business, using communication, delegation and obtaining the results you want through the efforts of others. My talent does not lie in the accounts, the maintenance of the IT systems or the legal aspects of the staffing challenges so I steer well clear of those.

After taking a team of 12 up to 300 believe me, my people and organisational skills were challenged and I made a mess! The result was worth it though – we were able to process ten times the amount of work coming in, my skills and knowledge increased greatly and I was able to focus on the future growth knowing the day to day work was being done.

How about you?


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