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Are You Walking Back to Happiness?


Three times in recent days the benefits of walking have been presented to me and as I believe in the power of three*, this prompted me into sharing these benefits with you.

With the afternoons getting a wee bit longer, and the nip in the air a bit lighter, I noticed a substantial increase in people enjoying the sea air along the Portobello Promenade last Sunday. Kids were playing in the sand, dogs bounding about all over the place and couples walking hand in hand beside the water. There was a really different energy to the place compared to the solitude and chill I had experienced just a few weeks ago.

Then my friend Calista started her new fortnightly radio show (see more here) and she reminded the listeners of the benefits of good oxygen flowing round our system as she shared her woodland walk home experiencing the freshness of the air. Always when walking, I stop to draw the fresh air into the pit of my lungs for several deep breaths. This has been proven to energise us and revitalise our bodies and our brains.

And the third instance was reading Tony Buzan’s book ‘The Power of Creative Intelligence’ and learning about solvitas perambulum, the Roman phrase for ‘solve it while you walk,’ about becoming more aware of your surroundings by the heightened awareness from your senses.

Just writing this has made me feel energised, excited and longing to go for a walk, so I’ll sign off now and get on my way!!

I hope you decide to experiment and see how walking improves your day. Go walk, go breath, go live!

*The power of three was highlighted to me at a Jack Black seminar I attended, where Jack said that people may be presented to you three times and if you do not connect, they don’t come back and you may have missed an amazing opportunity. I apply this wisdom to information as well.


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