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As If…….

Like many of you, I am sure; I was saddened this week to hear about the passing of the great Nelson Mandela and as the same time grateful to have been alive with a man that made history in such a profound way. He lived with a clear sense of purpose and a focus that enabled him to really make a difference.

As I was listening to a meditation recording yesterday, I was reminded of the phrase, “act as if” and I thought about how that was very evident with Mandela. When we set our hearts and minds towards something, and act ‘as if we have it’, we take action towards it and head straight for it, making us much more likely to get it because we feel like we have it.

Think about watching a horror movie – we know the whole event is a story, contained in a box, but we act as if it’s real and get a big fright at the scary bits –so of course it works the other way round too!

Our biggest challenge however is knowing what ‘it’ is. You can be with it one day and all of a sudden, it changes and we have to go searching for it again, wondering what it really is. Mandela knew what ‘it’ was for him, unfortunately many aren’t so sure.

 So, do you know what it is for you?

 If yes, great, just keep taking massive action towards it, for the rest of you, there’s still time to book onto the December Masterclass.

By starting now you can give your head a bit of space over the holiday time and come out relaxed, ready and eager to get your business off to a flying start in the New Year.

All you have to do to book is call Jane now on 0783 454 2686 or drop me an email.

December Masterclass:

When: Thursday 12th December 2013 from 9:30am to 12:30pm

Where: Edinburgh city centre

Investment: £99 plus vat (includes refreshments and chocolate)

Book: or call Jane now on 0783 454 2686 to reserve your place.

One more thing…..don’t keep us a secret, please share this.

Till the next time,

Kind Regards,


p.s. Can you do this yourself? Yes, however working with others will give you a clearer idea and a focus you wouldn’t get on your own. Get clear on your ‘it’!!

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