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Black Friday?


What on earth is happened on Friday?

I had to nip up town to the bank and, as you might have seen for yourself, every shop window, bus shelter and ad space presented with us with an overwhelming array of ‘Black Friday’ offers and discounts, all urging us buy immediately as these goodies were limited to ‘today only’ or ‘while stocks last.’

I thought Black Friday was the day after thanksgiving when all the Americans go bargain hunting, a kick start to their Christmas shopping. When did the frenzy cross the Atlantic?

We have kids starving and parents struggling with the demands of Christmas on one hand, and on the other, crowds of people almost breaking into scuffles over manipulated bargains the shops promise are genuine and not to be missed

Is it just me being cynical? Surely not, surely we’re all aware of the superficiality of consumerism? So why does this incredible pressure to spend continue every year and every year millions fall into the same trap?

The day got worse when I came home to see news reports about police being called to Tesco to deal with scuffles amongst bargain hunters and ASDA selling out of their TV’s on special instantly.

I am unhappy seeing people in panic buying mode, the instant gratification is so empty and unfulfilling and I can’t help thinking that if we all simply wanted more time to spend with family and friends, rather than cheap electronics made in a third world country by slave labour, the world might just be a better place.

We buy stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have, putting people under a huge financial burden. It’s a hyped up story created by the media, the high street stores and lending institutions and it’s not what Christmas is all about

And the bank…well it was really quiet!!

I’m all for good value, giving and receiving the true value of something’s worth.

If we continue to chase bargains in our shopping, surely that mentality will also come into play in our businesses and we’ll find people wanting ‘deals’ and ‘best prices’ regardless of the quality of what we do. That would be a real shame.

If you are determined to avoid the lunacy of Christmas shopping, and want to know how to build your business so pricing is only one of many factors used to determine whether someone buys from you rather than the only one, then click over here to learn about our brilliant new business development programme Visionworks!


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Alan Ryan
7 years ago

Excellent article Jane.

I cannot help thinking that instead of creating sales like this, reducing prices across the whole year to compensate for the alleged reductions would negate this hungry animalistic behaviour.

I wonder who many folk actually really needed what they fought for.

Kind regards,


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