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Roles and Responsibilities

I was so excited at the rate my hairdressing business was growing after opening my third shop. But oh wow, that’s when things stopped being fun!

I found it difficult to be in three places at once. When I had two shops it had worked quite well, as I was able to easily get from one to the other to be where I was needed most but then everything went up in the air and I was all over the place with the three shops and so many more people to organise every day.

And that’s when I was referred to Jane, thankfully shortly after opening my third shop.

Jane introduced some great business concepts that made me really look at what I was doing, not as a hairdresser but like a business owner! A completely different perspective for me, at the time.

We built a strong foundation in the first shop with strategies and processes that covered both the people and the systems. It was easy to implement and I was able to easily replicate it and extend the new procedures into my other shops in a logical, consistent way.

I have just opened shop number six in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh and we were delighted to be part of the award winning team who lifted the Best Barber trophy this year, 2013.

I would recommend Jane and miworld to any ambitious business owners who feel frustrated and confused today and want to build a real business for tomorrow. It’s much easier to grow with the backing of solid guidance, wisdom and support.

Thank you Jane.

Scott Williams
Boom Barbers.

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