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Only Three Days To Go

Today we’re going to talk about clarity . I’m honoured that clarity is the word I most hear when clients give me feedback on our work together. I love it when clients tell me, “You give me clarity” But just how is your business better because of clarity? It becomes easier to plan, It becomes easier to focus, It gets easier to start new projects, You waste much less time, It’s so much easier to…


What Are You Waiting For?

What have you been doing? What have you been looking at? Distracted? Busy doing everything and achieving little to nothing? It’s time to focus on the real stuff that matters It’s time to commit to spending a couple of hours every month to get your business sorted for the future. Visionworks!   Make a real impact on your business now. Have a clear vision of exactly where you are going. Get this crucial work done…


Visionworks. Why Do You Need This?

Visionworks. Do you need this? Yes. Unless you want every day to be the same as every other day that’s gone past. It is time to change It is time to charge it up. It is time to finally step into the business of creating the life you want to live. It is time to make it work, and working with miworld makes your vision work.   If you are ready call Jane now on…


Where Does it All Begin?

Here’s what I believe, everything we do in our lives starts from a thought. Everything. Whether it’s building a boat, moving house, starting a business, taking on your first member of staff; it all begins with that small seed of an idea in your head. Everything starts with you thinking about what it might be like to do, have or be something different, something bigger and something better than now. We deal with tens of…


“Alice:How long is forever?”

“White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.” Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland “I don’t have the time for this” “I didn’t have time to do that” “Where did the day go?” How many times in a day do we hear such sentiments expressed, as time seems to fly by. And as time flies by, more often than not, the right things just don’t get done. I’m sure you’ve heard those words or similar times. And not only…


Are You Getting What You Want From Your Business?

Do you remember that day, some time ago when you had an idea, and you kept thinking about it, and it just got bigger and bigger until you had to do something with it and then….you decided to start your business. Recall the energy you felt, the joy in your heart and the fear in your tummy, the total ‘Oh crikey, what am I doing, is this going to work out?’ excitement that kept you…


When Someone Makes You Smile

Every so often, I am reminded to be grateful for the wonderful people with whom we share our world. I was driving home recently, appreciating the exceptional warmth of the sun, the panoramic views as I approached the brow of a hill and listening to a personal development six set CD by the inspirational Tony Robbins. I love to use my car as a ‘mobile university’ and when one disk came to an end, I…

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