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What Would Happen If You Just Stopped Working?

Have you ever thought about that? What would happen if you stopped turning up to work? Would your business fall apart or would it carry on, despite a wobble here or there? One of the differences between working a job and owning a business, is that you have to go to work if you have a job, while in a business you must create a system and train others to work for you. I started…


What Your Boss Wished They Knew About You and it’s good for you to know too!

I remember talking to a lady I know who’d just gotten a promotion. Fantastic! I said, I love hearing about people growing and thriving and succeeding in their lives. As I congratulated her, I saw some apprehension in her face, and I made a huge assumption that it was the normal mild panic we all get when we jump into an unknown role. ‘Am I up to it? What if I fail? What made me…


How We All Love a Distraction

Is there a secret to staying focused, getting more done, and steaming ahead full speed? Do you ever have days when you think, “Wow, I’ve got to the end of the day feeling like I achieved everything I set out to do and wasn’t distracted by anything?” Or is it more likely the opposite, where you get home, tired frustrated and fed up and think; “that’s yet another day where I achieved none of the…


7 Surprising Ways for Entrepreneurs to Gain More Energy

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have an endless supply of energy, able to do everything they need and want to do in a day with energy to spare while others have big dreams and plans but don’t seem to have the energy to even take the first necessary step on their journey? Oftentimes, it seems to be the high achievers, the movers and the shakers that bounce around, making things happen…


Can You Move Mountains Just Because You Believe That Much?

Self Belief is a massive topic, covered by every self help book starting right back with the Bible. I tend to focus on one area where self belief really matters to the outcome of your effort and desire. And it needs to be in you when you make the decision to go from employed to working for yourself. Why? Because it’s such a huge leap for you to take. Employment offers a steady regular income…


What I learned about finance from T.Harv Ecker, Brian Tracy, and my Son

If only I had more money I could….. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that, considered that and reflected on how different life would be today if only…. And I’m sure you’re the same. But when we look back on our life, on all the things we’ve done, all the stuff we’ve bought and those moments of impulse spending, we can see how much we have wasted by being unorganised, unplanned and extravagant,…


In Less Than 4 Weeks You Could Achieve Twice As Much In Half The Time

Right now, what is the number one thing that is preventing you from creating the business you need to support the lifestyle you want? That’s a question I have asked many people over the years and I usually get one of two answers: people either say ‘I need more time’, or ‘I need more money.’ Time. Hmm, how do we get more of that? Thinking back over the years; if I had all that time…


Don’t Let Guilt Stop You

Many times recently I’ve sat down to write to you, but nothing showed up! I had so much I wanted to write but with the keyboard in front of me, my mind went blank. It felt quite strange and it’s left me feeling a bit inadequate, useless even and quite sad that something that brings me such joy, communicating with you, has withered away somehow. One of the parts of my work that I love…


We don’t need to do this journey on our own

One of the first lessons I learned when I was promoted to a manager was that I could no longer do all the work that needed to get done by myself. I was no longer ‘doing the tasks’, I had taken on the responsibility of ‘making them happen’, which was a very difficult transition for me. The transition from worker to manager was made all the more harder because I moved from a department where…


Why should I even bother to make a plan?

It’s a question I often get asked and one I ask myself repeatedly too. The obvious answer would be that it keeps you on track, encourages you to continue to take steps towards what you are aiming for and it will keep you focussed on where you are going. Depending on your plan’s detail, it may provide you with daily/weekly/monthly tasks and it will probably have a clear outcome with a deadline for milestones. Sounds…

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