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Don’t Let Guilt Stop You

Many times recently I’ve sat down to write to you, but nothing showed up! I had so much I wanted to write but with the keyboard in front of me, my mind went blank. It felt quite strange and it’s left me feeling a bit inadequate, useless even and quite sad that something that brings me such joy, communicating with you, has withered away somehow. One of the parts of my work that I love…


We don’t need to do this journey on our own

One of the first lessons I learned when I was promoted to a manager was that I could no longer do all the work that needed to get done by myself. I was no longer ‘doing the tasks’, I had taken on the responsibility of ‘making them happen’, which was a very difficult transition for me. The transition from worker to manager was made all the more harder because I moved from a department where…


Why should I even bother to make a plan?

It’s a question I often get asked and one I ask myself repeatedly too. The obvious answer would be that it keeps you on track, encourages you to continue to take steps towards what you are aiming for and it will keep you focussed on where you are going. Depending on your plan’s detail, it may provide you with daily/weekly/monthly tasks and it will probably have a clear outcome with a deadline for milestones. Sounds…


What Does Success Look Like For you; will your business get you there?

I’ve always found one of the hardest things to deal with is a blank piece of paper. I’ll sit looking at it with the intention of creating something: a picture of my dream, my future, my vision. My head fills with excitement as so many different options, choices and possibilities flood into my mind. And then more and more come flying in, I get more and more excited and then realise I’m getting a bit…


Do You Have A Grand Passion?

Passion comes from desire, a longing to work at something you are excited about, something you are good at and something you ache to always get back to. No-one else might consider it a big thing and it doesn’t matter because it’s a big thing for you. Passion is about emotion, feeling something within you ignited and set ablaze. Passion gives you a thirst or a hunger to act, to do and keep doing that…


Humbled by Hospitality

I never cease to be amazed how cultures differ, and how something quite normal in one is completely alien in another. Or maybe it’s not the cultures that differ, but more the thoughts of the people based on their life experiences in their part of the world. On a recent holiday in Sri Lanka we were honoured to be invited to the home of a Hindu family for dinner and we brought some small gifts…


Interruption? No, I just had to say this!

You know that feeling when someone is talking and it triggers something, a half remembered article you read, an event that happened sometime, maybe not even to you and it’s so relevant, so important that you just have to share it, right now? You’re so desperate to share your story you barely wait for a pause, the speaker taking a breath is enough for you to rush into the space and enlighten everyone with what…


Happy New Year from The Newly Confident Me!

Here we are in 2018, looking forward to a bright exciting year ahead, aren’t we? Or maybe you’re still reflecting on 2017, on what you were grateful for, what you may have missed out on, the risks not taken, the chances that slipped past. Some people say, “Don’t dwell on the past, don’t spend too much time there” and I understand some of their reasons, after all we can’t change what happened, and opportunities are…


Are you braver than you think?

I was inspired to discover this was “Winnie the Pooh” week, just after watching the film, “Goodbye Christopher Robin” on a recent plane journey. It’s story of the real Christopher, the son of A.A.Milne and was I saddened to discover that the success of the hundred acre wood adventures didn’t bring as much excitement to the family as the stories themselves. Many kids, like myself enjoyed these stories at the heart of their childhood and…


Is it really all over?

As we awaken following the aftermath of the Christmas festivities, I find it the perfect time for reflection, don’t you, a time for appreciating the good times with family and friends, whilst also sparing a thought for the ones that could not be at home for Christmas this year, who were working or even working away. I popped into Tesco for petrol late on the night before Christmas Eve and said to the cashier, almost…

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