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Dealing With Redundancy

Dear Jane,

When I was made redundant, I felt as though the world had turned upside down and inside out. After all I was the most talented, far sighted and forward thinking of my employer’s senior managers. It wasn’t my fault that I was too talented, far sighted and forward thinking for their tastes. I was angry, fearful and below that, there was a part of me that was hurt and afraid that they were right and I wasn’t what I thought I was.

Jane Quinn’s coaching helped me depersonalize the redundancy, she made me realize that although I had been made redundant, it wasn’t me who had failed. She helped me through the anger, despair and fear, enabling me to focus, to develop a plan that would help me get what I wanted; back to work.

She then helped me focus week after week, with daily and weekly activity plans, achievement points and rewards for when something positive occurred. The bi-weekly trip to the Benefits Office which was humiliating and frustrating became manageable as Jane made me see that I didn’t fit there and that was a good thing. And when I started to slide into the great unwashed role model, she pulled me out of that too.

Jane is the most considerate, gentle person I know, but she will make you answer the hard questions, she will pull the answers you don’t want to give out of you, she will make you face your demons, albeit, in the most gentle, considerate manner. Don’t let her fool you; Jane won’t let you shirk your responsibility to yourself, your responsibility to do better, to think better and to feel better.

I would recommend Jane Quinn to anyone who is facing a life changing set of circumstances, she is a rock to cling to when you feel most battered and have lost the will to fight. She lends you strength and belief until you can stand on your own two feet again, she motivates and encourages and in the end you may do what’s required of you because you don’t want to let Jane down, however you’ve done it, and she’ll celebrate those small victories with you too.

Today, I’m sitting with two job offers and another couple of interviews for other opportunities lined up. Would I have got here without Jane, possibly, but it would have been a much harder, lonelier road and I wouldn’t have felt as positive for as long and discouraged for so short a time. I thank Jane sincerely for her help and support and hope you get to experience miworld with her.


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