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End of an Era

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I have walked down to the sea side from my home many times, however yesterday was different. The street was packed with people all heading for the promenade to witness the blowing up of the Cockenzie Towers, a familiar sight along our East Lothian coastline standing tall since they were built fifty years ago.

There was mixed emotions ranging from:

“It’s an eyesore, glad to see it go”
“It’s a landmark, I’m sad to see it go”

Regardless of what we are on the spectrum, they have gone for good, demolished to make room for something new and as I looked out over the water I started thinking that is what life is really all about.

Too often we hold onto possessions, treasures and memorabilia from our past, without recognising that we are potentially stifling our future.

My house if full of stuff from my past, my mother’s past and my grandmothers as well! I have just been wondering what makes me hold on to it all and what I would gain by letting it go?

And it’s not just my life, it’s in my work too, I looked at my desk, my drawers and my office.

As I started to delve in to this I thought I would share it with you, so that you too can ponder, “Why do I keep it” Whatever your own ‘it’ is. What would happen if you let it go, truly let it go?

I feel a trip to the charity shop coming on, how about you?


P.S Thank you Colin Read ( for the wonderful photograph

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