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Are You Getting What You Want From Your Business?

candleDo you remember that day, some time ago when you had an idea, and you kept thinking about it, and it just got bigger and bigger until you had to do something with it and then….you decided to start your business.

Recall the energy you felt, the joy in your heart and the fear in your tummy, the total ‘Oh crikey, what am I doing, is this going to work out?’ excitement that kept you buzzing and motivated.

And you thought it would get better, it would stabilise and normalise and yet still now your emotions are all over the place, happy days, sad days, worried days and excited days.

Remember your first client, the satisfaction from your first sale, your thrill that you were able to help someone by doing something you’re good at, something you love.

I hope it’s all coming back because for many, those feeling aren’t there any more.

There was an expectation that you would also get the benefits of working for yourself. For some it was:

  • Deciding the hours you want to work
  • Deciding who to work with
  • Deciding the way you would do things
  • Deciding how your business would grow
  • Deciding how much money you would make

I was asked why I went into business for myself recently and it made me stop and think and I always like a question that makes me do that.

I thought about what I love about being in business; the freedom, the people, the way I can learn and share more about the topics I love and an especially delicious added bonus – the personal growth which I never anticipated.

I have seen clients make amazing breakthroughs in their business and I have met so many great people (yes, that’s you too!)

I wanted to make millionaires with my ‘double your turnover’ program and I wanted to travel more. One of my clients broke the million and I had three trips abroad and a trip down south last year. I am seeing the results I set as my target and I’m so delighted about that.

I’m now going to ask you, right now to think about what you wanted to get from your business when you started. And how much have you and your business moved towards that result?

More importantly, what has changed since you started your business and what do you want from it now?

And the killer question – are you on track to achieve what you want?
If not, what are you going to do about it?Set your intention, work towards it and check in that you are getting what you want from your business.
What is your future going to look like?


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