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How Can You Tell it to a Six Year Old So They’ll Understand?

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Isn’t it frustrating when we are talking about something we think we know inside out and somehow we end up not being understood? There we are, chatting away, explaining the details of something we’re passionate about, totally oblivious to the look of confusion on the other person’s face.

And then they start asking questions, questions we thought we’d already answered in our previous monologue!

And that’s when it hits us – they never understood a word we said.

All because we were so caught up in what we were saying we didn’t take a minute to see if they were with us in the conversation.

That happened to me just last week.

I recently launched a group programme called Visionworks!

And the question came in from one of my email subscribers, “how does that work then?”

And I thought I’d explained it all in the series of emails I’d sent out! Aargh! Obviously not!

And then I remembered some recent words of wisdom, “Tell me like you are talking to a six year old”

So that’s what I’m going to do today, tell you about Visionworks, as though I am talking to a group of six year olds. Not for your benefit but for mine, so I know that I understand and can clearly explain my work without confusion for anyone listening.

So, what is Visionworks! all about?

It’s for people who have a business and want to work together to get more from it.

What does ‘more’ mean?

More means different things to different people – some want more money, others more time off or to be better organised, to be bigger, better, more!.

So how does it work?

 We have an initial session to explore what matters to you, what you really want from your business and why it is important.

Then we break it down into small chunks, so it is easy to work on.

And even better, we don’t leave you alone to do that – you come back and do it in your group. You work together, getting and giving inspiration, encouragements and RESULTS.

It’s all about results. . It’s like looking at your destination, the terminus of the bus route and then looking at the first stop where you get on and get started.

So when do we start?

December 17th, because in January 2015 we all want to be one step ahead.

So who do you know that is looking for something more from their business?

Those people you know are the ones I would like to speak to, so please share this email with them.


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