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How Do the Seasons Influence Your Business Planning?

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As a leader, it’s not enough to know what to do. You also have to know when to act.
By considering the four seasons we can be guided towards the best time for action:
• the seasons are not all the same length
• each season has a beginning and an ending
• the seasons come in sequence
• crops of success may be cultivated in several areas simultaneously yet harvested at different times
• every season must be managed effectively to reap an abundant harvest

So, for the successful leader (unsuccessful in brackets)

Winter is the season for Planning (hibernate)
Spring is the season for Planting (spring fever; daydream and take long afternoon naps)
Summer is the season for Perspiring (vacation)
Autumn is the season for Production (feels loss and regret for missed opportunities)

“Are your decisions consistent with your seasons?”

• Are you aware of the different seasons for your business?
• How can you best work with those different seasons in your business?
• What’s the first thing you need to do to get started?
• When can you start?

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P.S. This was Adapted from the 21 most Powerful Minutes in a Leaders Day by John C. Maxwell

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