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If Only…….

Now and again I get a question that stops me in my tracks and this week I put one together after listening to a snippet by the author, Mark Rhodes,

“What would the person ‘you could have been’ be doing right now?”

 I thought about it. Initially I had a small shift, but as I thought back over the years and looked at the choices I had made and the opportunities I didn’t take I had quite a different picture in my head of my life today.

…the boyfriend I chose not to go to Australia with

….the decision to start up in business and not return to paid employment

But don’t forget the good too

….the many friends I keep in touch with

…..the many places I have chosen to go on holiday to

And that is not to say I am unhappy, which I am not – so I asked the question to a few others and got the same sort of feedback. “oh….Oh……OH…..OH.yikes…….

So have a think and share your thoughts …….I love the power of a great question!!

Till the next time,


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