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If you want to get ahead……

As the Christmas preparations are well underway, with trees up, lights on and wrapping paper at all the check outs, we recognise that the success of this big day (yes, all this for one day) depends on the action taken prior to the event itself.

And before the action comes the plan and before the plan comes the thinking and the setting of the intention.

Whether its pulling off a large family get together, having a quiet day, planning a hopefully peaceful working day for many, all results from the thought and decisions made beforehand.

In business too, we must consolidate a clear idea of what we want before taking action and that too deserves some quality thinking time – and where better to do that than at the next miworld masterclass.

Some kind words from a recent attendee:

“I took away many ideas that I will take into my business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your masterclass”

Phil Horne, director. E-business promotion

 Imagine that when you are eating your lunch on Christmas day and binning your wrapping paper, you are able to fully relax and enjoy it, knowing you already have your plans already in place to make 2014 your best year ever.

By starting now you can give your head a bit of space over the holiday time and come out relaxed, ready and eager to get your business off to a flying start in the New Year.

All you have to do to book is call Jane now on 0783 454 2686 or drop me an email.

December Masterclass:

When: Thursday 12th December 2013 from 9:30am to 12:30pm

Where: Edinburgh city centre

Investment: £99 plus vat (includes refreshments and chocolate)

Book: or call Jane now on 0783 454 2686 to reserve your place.

One more thing…..don’t keep us a secret, please share this.

Till the next time,

Kind Regards,

Jane Quinn

p.s. Can you do this yourself? Yes, however working as a group will give you a clearer idea and a focus you wouldn’t get on your own. As Mort Murphy said about me, “It’s what she does!”

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