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Is It Worth The Wait?

Have you ever been tempted by chocolate while on a diet or a treat when you are saving up for something bigger?

Our minds are constantly making decisions and temptation is often in our way. Our life success is based upon these hundreds of tiny everyday decisions, as they take us closer or further away from our goals. We can all get distracted, tired and lazy or just plain fed up and make a choice that doesn’t serve us.

How can we make it easy for ourselves to make better decisions?

Let’s go back to the diet, and here are two different mindset examples:

  • Paula is getting married. She’s on a diet to look and feel great in her wedding dress and on her honeymoon.
  • Peter works hard at a job he hates. He lives alone and often brings home a take away and some beer and spends his evenings in front of the TV. He is overweight and has no idea of what he wants for his future.
  • Who has the most immediate desire to make better choices?
    • Paula can easily refuse the chocolate because she can clearly imagine the outcome – her future self in her wedding dress, in a bikini on the beach or in lingerie for her wedding night.
    • Peter has a vague idea that he should lose some weight but the curry and beer instantly give him comfort and he doesn’t want to lose that immediate satisfaction.


ask yourself, “what is my life all about?”

 In business and in life, those who have a clear powerful purpose, a strong “why”, in their life live happier, more successful lives. They have something to get up for, a drive towards something better and from that comes energy, a determination and a task list, a plan or a campaign that takes them way beyond today.

Be one of them.

And if you are struggling with who you are or where you want to go right now, there is still time to book yourself onto the next Masterclass – see mi diary.

One more thing…..don’t keep us a secret, please share this.

Till the next time,

Kind Regards,

Jane Quinn 

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