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Is Now Your Time?

With 2014 speeding towards us, those of us in business have two options:

  1.  Coast in and wait until the New Year to get a New Start., OR
  2. Take stock and get moving so that you are all set and making things happen even before January 1st

If you want option 2, then you know that there’s still time to refocus and align you and your business in 2013 to position you to achieve your goals.

Think back to  January and remember what you wanted to achieve this year, are you on track or off track or nowhere near the track? This is the time to have a stock take, have a think and reposition, if you need to, so that at the end of December, you won’t look back and regret, but look forward with a new energy to continue what you have started.

And another thing, we encourage you not to work alone – there’s a short video at from Richard Branson sharing names of some of the people that he gets his inspiration from. What caught my attention about this was he doesn’t have one member, he has several for each of his projects. It makes so much sense!

So what are the important areas in your life and who can you be inspired by?

It’s also good to know your own strengths and talents so you know when to help and when to refer to someone else! I know my expertise lies in helping leaders get better results through their people, whether it be a manager struggling to meet tight team targets or a passionate business owner trying to do all the work them self  I can help with organisational development, automation and delegation which leaves you free to do what you should be doing!! How do I do this? Well my November miworld masterclass is one way and if you would like to find out more mouse over to

So, what’s your area of expertise?

Thanks you for all your comments.

Jane Quinn

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