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Me First?

“Me and Marion are going to the park” I would announce excitedly.

“Me’s last” would come the reply, as Mum attempted to correct my grammar “It’s Marion and I that are going to the park”

Well isn’t this so true of many of us in business, we put our clients, our suppliers and others before ourselves and I have even heard of business owners making sure their staff get paid before they do!

Well I heard a lovely wee story recently that made me stop and think – should ‘me’ be last?

Let me share what I remember:

There is a popular healer living in India who has helped many and is in huge demand. This is how he works.

He gets up when he wakens, gets himself ready and does his morning rituals.

When he is ready, he opens his door to a queue of people waiting to see him.

No-one has an appointment; he sees them one by one, dealing with the people who wait .

When he becomes tired, wants to finish for the day or take a break he closes his door.

No-one knows if he will open, when he will open or close but still they come and wait.

He tends to himself first, putting himself first because he recognises that if he is not on top form, how can he deal with the people who need his help.

Now I am not suggesting you immediately switch to this business model, rather have a think about the message in there and how you deal with yourself and your clients right now.

Are you taking good care of yourself so that you are giving the best you can to your people?

If so, great, if not – what one thing could you change to take better care of you?

Till the next time,

Kind Regards,

Jane Quinn 

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