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mi articles

Here are a couple of our published works.

My Heads All Over The Place – Is Yours?

“Why does my brain hurt?” asked Jake. He thought after venturing into business he would earn more, offer greater value and enjoy more time with his passion for stock car racing.

“Running a business isn’t the way I pictured it.” comments Jake, “attending to clients is great but attracting them presents different challenges. I love the profits but not tracking the flow of cash!”

“Where will your business be in five years?” he was asked. ‘I don’t know where it will be at five pm!’ he thought.

Jake excelled training as a hairdresser and seeing a “To Let” poster, quickly signed a lease, and his adrenalin was running high when he proudly opened for business.

Jake’s dream had come true…

Or had it?

If the purpose of a business is “To create and retain clients profitably” it requires time, energy and different talents.

Jake studied a typical organisational structure:


He has four diverse roles!

  1. Marketing communicates a clear offering
    a. an emotive approach with a future focus.
  2. Operations ensure a consistent service,
    a. an organised approach on the present day.
  3. Finance deals with the money,
    a. a logical, detailed approach to record past events.
  4. The Director ensures the ultimate success of the business,
    a. a creative focus that combines past, present and future.

With this knowledge of four different roles, skill sets and time zones, all being aligned today for the future business success, Jake understood the feelings in his head and was able to start working to see how others with different talents could help with his venture.

”Where will I be in five years time?” He smiled confidently and thought; The business will be running without me and I’ll be at the stock car racing!

Jane Quinn is the director of miworld consultancy limited which works with small business owners like Jake. If you would like more information please contact Jane on or (m) 0783 454 2686

Belfast Boys

Another day with a plight ahead
I have a stretch and rise out of bed
There are places to go and things to see
Then I remember, “Why not me?”

At last weeks march there was a fight
A lot of blood, an awful sight
The noise of laughter then a gun
It was all supposed to be so much fun

But the bombs explode
And the panic sets in
What happened to the party?
This is all a big din

The police rush in, who do they seek?
Oh no it’s Claire – I spoke to her last week
Batons wielding and fists are fighting
How hard it is to do this writing

“Make room please” the copper said
One guy’s bad – he may be dead

As the reality of the day sets in
I spoke to Claire – you could hear a pin
You see her brother Jake was the one
And so for him, there’s no more sun

We hugged and cried and wondered why
Is this our life, our world, God how we try?
The fights go on through the hours ahead
For a victory – do we need someone dead?

I looked at Jake as he lay so still
A son, a dad and a husband gone
And is the world a better place?
Who did this – do they have grace?

As the tears run down my face
I think of the loss in my own place
Gone are so many friends and family and foes
What for – who knows?

As the sun goes down for another night
For some reason the sky’s less bright
There’s more and more heartache and fears
And as I pull the covers up over my ears

I whisper

Please, stop these tears

Jane Quinn

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