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Moving On

Dear Jane,

I just wanted to write and say thank you.

As you know when I first started my coaching sessions I found myself living in a very uncomfortable situation with somebody I had no love for. This left me feeling hopeless, sad and irritated. I was emotionally exhausted and still grieving over the sudden death of my husband.

My first coaching session allowed me, for the first time to actually realise how unhappy I was and immediately instilled this determination to do something about it. In order for me to free myself from this situation my first action was to move house. By doing this I was making a statement to my partner, one that he could not ignore, the way he had ignored my previous emotional reasons for not staying with him. This was the only way. By setting a goals and seeing my very tight wheel of life combined with talking to you and listening to myself talking to you – I recollect on numerous occasions saying “I can’t” only to be encouraged with “you can” Once I realised I could, there was no stopping me.

It didn’t take long for me to build up the strength, it felt very quick and then I thought why did I set a 5-year goal – why should I wait and live a lie. Once I had made my decision and informed those closest to me I felt free and was able to follow my own path. I am now settled in my new house after getting the keys earlier this month and my 5-year plan is completed after only one year.

Without my coaching sessions I would never have made this move. Because I have, I now feel my life is positive, I feel much stronger and anything I choose to do now and in the future, I know I can do. Can’t is no longer an option.

Thank you so much,


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