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Out of the Darkness

For many years I have been afraid of the dark. Very afraid of the dark, so afraid that I slept with the light on, bought my homes close to a bus stop so there’d always be a light shining outside and avoided going out alone after sunset whenever possible. That’s how afraid I was.

It’s something I learned to live with and I adjusted to accommodate my fear in every aspect of my life. I adapted to it and have now been doing so for many years.

My fear of darkness became something I stopped noticing because I was so accustomed to. My adaptation to my fear almost subconscious I noticed it so little.

And then, just recently, I attended a meditation event.

Now I know meditation isn’t for everyone however it works for me and is something I practice regularly and find extremely useful for thinking, learning and reflection.

This was at Halloween, we were looking at fresh starts and being encouraged to discard what we no longer wished to ‘put up with’ and totally unexpectedly, thoughts of being scared and my fear of the darkness emerged as something for me to release

The session felt magical and powerful and if you want more details on this, please contact me and I can direct you to some great practices and teachers, however it’s not the session itself I want to share with you rather than its amazing effect on me.

At the end of the evening I felt much lighter and freer and wondered if I really had been able to let go of such a closely held long time fear in a few hours?

Driving home, I was able to appreciate the journey and even stopped the car and took a photo of the tree lined road I was enjoying, something I couldn’t have done before.

Now, just three weeks later my life has been transformed by newfound appreciation of the darkness, and my corresponding realisation that if I am not afraid of anything, there’s nothing to hold me back.

I had a real feeling of, not joy, as I expected, but more of contentedness and a sense of expectation – I know there’s nothing to hold me back, I can only move forward. I now have no excuses!

I’ve taken a long hard look at my business, my life and my aspirations.

The sort of thing I do with my clients, but I ramped it up.

The new unafraid me wants more from life, wants to help more people in business, wants to share my experiences, my abundance and my passion – without fear of the dark, without fear of anything holding me back, with a new energy to face my challenges.

I have experienced many changes in my clients’ lives; some doubled their turnover, others got bigger premises and expanded their workforce while others enjoyed time away without worrying about what was happening back at the workplace. And I want to do more of that, and make it even bigger and bolder!

I am proud and passionate about the work I do, the places I reach and the people I help.

I know I am not the only one who has lived or is living with fear holding them back.

We all have a fear or apprehension of something that ends up restricting opportunities, keeping us awake at night wondering how to get past it, because like me you’re probably dealing with it on your own. And like me, you may not be fully aware of what it is, how much it’s impacting you or even think of it as fear.

All I know is that dark night something radically shifted in my head and I have a whole new concept of miworld. And if it can happen to me, it can happen for you too.

So what is your darkness?

What do you need to let go of to drive your business forward?

Are you willing to delve deep to uncover it?

Why not join Visionworks! our supercharged, highly targeted and massively effective business development program?

It’s all about uncovering the things we’re hiding from, the things we avoid dealing with and stick plasters over hoping that will hold it together.

Sometimes, you need to open it up, lay it all out and then you can throw away what no longer works, as you learn what does work for you and take massive leaps in your success

The choice, as always, is yours, choose wisely!

More details:

Where? Duddingston Golf Club – Duddingston Road West, Edinburgh EH15 3QD

When? Wednesday 22nd February 2017 at 12 Noon till 3pm

Investment? £120 (includes Vat, refreshments & a light lunch)

Click over here to read more about it and call Jane on 0783 454 2686 to get one step closer to that successful business you are currently dreaming about.


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