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Save the Turkeys

Amidst all our Christmas shopping, dinner planning and friendly gatherings, I wanted to take some time to wish you all a very happy time over the festive period.

Whether you are enjoying happy family times, getting in a bit of relaxation or even taking the time for a proper holiday, I wish you peace, happiness and whatever you wish for yourself for the New Year.

This year, we are making a donation to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to some of our homeless people in Edinburgh.

You may recall the miview I sent you about a young man I met on a cold winter day in the city Edinburgh High Street (read it here). I’ve often thought about him through the year and wondered how he is doing. He inspired me to talk to many more of the people living on our streets and in turn, I have been inspired by them too. The world can be a difficult place when times are tough and these people showed me how we can all draw on that inner strength we each have to survive the worst of times.

So, with the homeless taken care of, let’s get back to you – take a rest, have some fun and we look forward to seeing you in 2016!



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