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That’s What To Do

January is passed, blimey – June too!

But July is waiting just for you.

A beach barbeque?

That’s not for you

miworld masterclass –

now that’s what to do.

When times get tough

like they sometimes do,

get round a table;

but not with Aunt Mable!

Learn from the best

and pull yourself through.

Don’t do it alone –

that’s not what to do.

Once a month,

that’s all it takes

to get you and your business

on track and in shape.

Leave your doubts behind

and book your day.

Because when the sun shines,

you gotta make hay.

Don’t give this a miss

and like Kyle said,

Come learn the secrets, everyone needs this

each month, right here in this town,

just call to book, don’t let yourself down,

And listen up now, that’s right,

you do know what to do.

Some more info

When: the second Thursday of each month, next one is 11th July 2013 from 9:30 to 12:30

Where: Edinburgh city centre

Investment: £99 plus vat


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