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Walking In the Rain



Well it’s June and we are thinking about summer weather and planning summer events. We are half way through the year already!


I had a family get together last weekend, I had the garden sorted for us to enjoy the fresh air, I had cool juice to enjoy and I was looking forward to catching up with everyone.


Then the rain came on!


They all arrived, we moved some furniture about in the house so more people had a seat and we spent the day indoors. Yes, it rained all day. We caught up, had a laugh and enjoyed the day – but it would have been better outside.


This weekend I met my friend and we were taking her dogs for a walk. We looked at the clouds in the sky and like many Scots, decided we just needed to go for it. It drizzled, then it rained, then it poured!! We got soaked. Absolutely soaked! The dogs ran around in the rain along with the other dogs that had been out for a walk too. We smiled at the other dog owners however through the rain, we managed to get a good catch up – we talked about life, weather, work, friends and got the dogs well exercised too.


Just as we got back to the car we realised the rain had gone off – just for a wee while though. And we laughed at how wet we all were.


I appreciate the rain, I enjoy the clean air that follows the showers and I love our green countryside that flourishes because of our rain. I know how it cleanses the ground and feeds the soil and allows the plants to grow.


I like the sunshine too though – and whilst I know we need to embrace the rain, I would love a bit of sunshine to balance it out!

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