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What Do a Roundabout and a Police Person Have in Common?

I indulged in an amazing hour and a half of deep belly breathing at my meditation class last Tuesday, and afterwards was feeling a little ‘light headed’. I probably should have given myself a little while to regain my equilibrium, but since all I had inhaled was oxygen, I felt safe to drive home.

Unfortunately, I had a “wobble” in my difficulty to select the correct exit off a roundabout and was sadly mistakenly taken for a drunk driver by a policeman!

I always feel like I’ve done something wrong when I’m stopped by the police, even when I’m totally innocent, as in this case! But the test quickly proved I had no alcohol in my breath and I was free to go.

We strive in life to keep our home and ourselves in order.

Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we encounter hiccups!

In business, we look to get our business and our work organised, so that we can enjoy our home life. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we encounter hiccups!

My point is that regardless of our journey, there will always be hiccups, (hopefully not caused by an alcoholic beverage while in the close proximity of a policeperson in charge of a breathalysing kit!)

Sometimes, things present show up and seem to only exist to slow us down. However, later reflection proves they have often presented us with a great opportunity. They made us stop, focus and think about what to do next.

So when we want to learn and grow and move forward, where better to learn than from the people who have done it before, people who have mastered the art of overcoming obstacles and moving forward.

Tony Robbins once shared how he liked to learn; he doesn’t go to a training course, he seeks out a Master, someone who has expertise in a particular area and spends time with them. He does this to discover the secrets of mastery; the pitfalls, the common mistakes made and of course, the shortcuts past adversity and hardship to success in that field.

When business, like life brings its’ challenges, we at miworld are ready for them. We have prepared by learning the secrets of successful business owners: what they do and how to copy them. Learning from their experience so their mistakes aren’t repeated.

We have taken a good look at how successful people think and plan their future, setting clear outcomes and planning a strategy to get there. It’s what our eight stage program covers, derived from the experience and learnings of my journey with my clients.

It’s the one shared in our one to one sessions, which has helped so many people to organise their business in a way that frees up their time to enjoy life. That one!


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