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What Does Success Look Like For you; will your business get you there?

I’ve always found one of the hardest things to deal with is a blank piece of paper. I’ll sit looking at it with the intention of creating something: a picture of my dream, my future, my vision.

My head fills with excitement as so many different options, choices and possibilities flood into my mind. And then more and more come flying in, I get more and more excited and then realise I’m getting a bit overwhelmed as I realise there are tough choices to be considered.

Out of everything I’m imagining, what do I really want?

For decisions to be made I need to gain some clarity and that means I need to discard some of my ideas. Sadly, many of my ideas may have to go.

This decision is never an easy one for me as there are so many things in life that I want to enjoy. So the decision about the decisions confuses me, overwhelms me and often stops me in my tracks, and then I’ll park it for another day.

But that day never comes, because the confusion about what I really want is still there so decisions can often remain unresolved and unfinished for quite some time, as I dream of all the varied opportunities that lie before me.

That was how it used to be, I am much better at this now than I was. Because I know what I want, I’ve stripped away the nice-to-haves and boiled my vision down to my must haves.

I see people all the time struggle with decision making, and to be honest, the struggle isn’t so much about what they want most; it’s about what they must give up to get to what they want most. But only by clearing away the distractions and letting go, will a clear path emerge that will ensure that the main goals are met.

This process of stripping away the unnecessary to get to the core doesn’t just apply to creating your vision.

Whether it’s a book you are writing, a business you want to create, or your own future, much work needs to be done to get the clarity you need to allow you to move on, and in truth to let you get started in the first place!

And that’s where the trouble can start as so many of those nice to haves that you want fight for space when you only have room for the necessities.

However, when you boil everything down to what you really, really want, you know exactly what you’re aiming for and that makes your future decisions easy.

Putting the simple question, “does that take me where I want to be?’ to every decision propels your energy and actions forward with such momentum that you feel energized and effortlessly glide to your destination.

Some questions I ask of myself is ‘Do that I need that… do I want that…. will I really use that….Does that take me where I want to be?’

When all your energy is focussed on one outcome, your efforts will all go to making sure it happens, your motivation will come alive and you will not let anything stop you.

Go do it, go start now…..

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