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What? There is no WiFi

Today’s world is full of technology, invisible, world encompassing and when we stop to think about its capabilities, jaw droppingly amazing.

It can be incredibly beneficial, helpful for many reasons, my sat nav is my best friend when I’m in my car and all the information we need, and much, much more we don’t, is literally a finger click or two away – as long as we stay switched on.

Sometimes I can’t help thinking that perhaps we are switched on a bit too much, for too long and maybe missing something, something major, like life itself.

I know the panic that ensues when our internet connection is lost or our phone has no signal, I’ve felt it often. And sometimes it feels like a real emergency. But seriously, is it?

Did you ever think of the benefits of switching off all your devices and even putting your phones away for a while?

I heard your sharp intake of breath at the very thought, but stay with me on this!

Look around you, there is a lot going on! It’s spring and the world is coming alive. The sun is starting to shine again, the plants are starting to shoot and the bright yellow colours of the daffodils are showing up around us. The air is warmer and the seaside is full of people enjoying the weather. As I walked along the prom last night I was very aware of how many people were missing out on real life as their phone was attached to their ear, or had ear buds in because they were not listening to the sounds of the world around them. I saw couples, each absorbed in their own device, families who all had different electronic distractions, and they looked so much less happy, engaged, alive than those who were right there, giving their attention to the people they were with and the surroundings they were in.

Our Health is affected. We know that when a phone is switched on it emits signals via radio waves which are composed of radio-frequency energy, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation which is not good for us. We also can relax when our phones are off rather than staying constantly alert to the insistent beep the phones emit like it’s an emergency requiring instant, urgent attention.

I read recently that people who don’t take their phones to bed with them have a much higher Quality of Sleep. By switching our devices off we not only fall asleep faster, but the quality of sleep we enjoy is much better.

Relaxation is good for us, we think more clearly in a relaxed state. Have you ever noticed how your best ideas don’t happen at your desk, but more likely appear when you’re in the shower, out walking in the fresh air or doing whatever you do to chill out, to switch off. Relaxing lowers our heart rate and lets our body re-charge. Just watch your dog or cat as they spend so much of their time stretching and resting. We are animals too and relaxation and rest is essential for our continued good health.

Relationships can be affected too; we’ve all seen and may even have been that family or group of friends sitting together, each immersed in their own devices. This reduces the power of connection, and the health benefits we get when interacting with others.

Think about switching off the next time you want to take off and see what happens when you become more aware of what’s going around you, interact with those around you and look forward to being a healthier, happier you. Just because the internet is always available, doesn’t mean you have to be permanently connected to it!

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