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What Would You Do With One More Hour?


I enjoy nothing more than a lazy Saturday.

Well when I say lazy, what I really mean is a free Saturday; a day to simply relax, with nothing planned, just seeing what shows up. Maybe I’ll read a book, or I may go for a walk or I might meet up with a friend. I love my Saturday being open so I can do any of these things depending on how I feel and being able to decide to do nothing if that’s what I want.

The reason I enjoy this is much is because it is the exact opposite of my normal working week, where I plan every day, scheduling my time and my tasks to get all I need to do done.

So when I was recently presented with this question, “What would you do with one more hour” I was initially filled with joy. Oh! The excitement of what I could do.

That thought was quickly overtaken by a new one – If I really need just one more hour to achieve something, what is stopping me achieving it in the time I already have?

Maybe it’s not more time I need, maybe it’s something else that’s missing? And perhaps it’s not just me, perhaps it is most of us?

Perhaps we need more thought put into what we do and how we do it, more or even better organisation around our workload, our environment and our people?

What specifically did you do with the extra hour you gained in autumn when the clocks went back? I’d be surprised if you remember. And what did you do with the extra day we all received in February this year?

Will you really notice the hour that you lost this weekend as the clocks go back?

If you really want an hour – take it; take it right now, take it today, or tomorrow or the next day.

Claim it for yourself and take it but here’s the deal, don’t fritter it away, do something special with it.

Don’t let it be like the many other hours, in all those many days we have that just go past unmarked, and undervalued and not used up to their fullest potential.

And then I’d like to suggest you take another hour: this one is for you to look at what you really want from your business, to make sure that you are heading in the right direction.

Go get your diary, grab that hour, grab two – go do it now!

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