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What’s Your Annual Read?

“Jane, I’m off on holiday, can you recommend a good book?”
“Of course, what do you like to read?”

And there it begins, I love reading and learning from it, I love personal development books, business books, nature books but recognise that our tastes are all different so it’s not that easy to recommend one single book.

I was surprised when the conversation turned to, “Why on earth do you read so much?” I was dumbfounded; there are so many benefits to reading I felt like saying, “Really, why don’t you?” however I managed to contain myself and think, there’s lots of reasons and as my head became swamped with thoughts, I started to write them down!

Personal development

You are where you are today because of your life experiences, studies and interaction with others. Most of us learn by doing and if we stop learning, we stop growing so we stop doing. There are so many great books to choose from on this subject, the most popular being Think and Grow Rich, revealing the 13 top principles practised by successful people. Although the book was originally written in 1939 by Napoleon Hill after interviewing over 500 self made millionaires over a period of 20 years and this remains the basis of most personal development references to this day, 78 years later!


I enjoy nothing better on a Saturday morning after a busy week to spend some time reading in my comfy bed. I am usually an early riser and when I waken on a Saturday there’s just something rewarding about not having to get up so I can happily read until about 11am. Now the trouble with that is I am so far into the book that I have been known to just stay in bed and finish it, without feeling guilty.


Whenever we need new information or even confirmation of what we already know, we usually find it reading and with the birth of google, we no longer need the big old traditional encyclopaedias that used to take pride of place in every bookcase. Knowledge is instant, current and available at the press of a button. Why not take the opportunity to learn when the web has made it so easy for us to do?

Relaxing Research

When I was going to Venice for the weekend, I read a fiction book, I can’t even remember the title however it had a scene on the Rialto Bridge, talked about the carnivals, masks and music and also of the burning down of the opera house. It brought the traffic of the canals to life and described churches and palaces enhanced with unusual architecture and gave a great history about the great wealth that lined the Grand Canal, the heart of Venice, when trading was at its peak. For me it was so much more than a good piece of fiction because it gave me so many references, enhancing my adventures while I was there.

Sadly many people enjoy a good book to read on holiday and that becomes their annual read. Reading fills our head with new ideas, improves our imagination, exercises our brain and some say, those who read are much more interesting people!

I’ll leave you to make your own mind up about that one!

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