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What’s your Vision?

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“My what?”

“No idea”

“Why do I need one of them?”

These are some of the confused responses that often come back to me when I ask them that question.

However when I ask my clients what they find most helpful about working with miworld, here are some of the responses I have heard:

  • “You make me think differently about my business”
  • “You give me more clarity around my business, I feel great about that”
  • “I now have a really clear idea of where I am headed”
  • “I am making more money, but having a structure helps massively”

And the one that makes me laugh,

  • “Stuff just happens when you are around”

Would you like to know the secret to making all this happen?

Having a clear vision of where they are going.

When you know your vision, a clear idea of WHAT you want your future to look like, a clear target like the bull’s eye on an archer’s board, you have something very specific to aim at.

Imagine lining up your arrow, pulling back your bow, keeping your eye right on the centre of the board. You pull back, you focus, you breath and you let go. As you see the arrow hurling towards the bulls eye, you keep your eye on the target until the arrow lands, then you rest the bow by your side.

Got it – right in the middle of the bull’s eye, just as you intended.

You breathe a sigh of relief, of satisfaction and as you pick up another arrow and line it up with your bow once again, you set your eye on the target, the bull’s eye.

There are no distractions because you don’t allow them in. If one arrow misses the bull’s eye, you just line up the next one.

In life, it’s different. We get drawn into distractions, we take our eye of our target and that’s why we must learn to focus. And keeping our eye on the target can be made easier by the use of one of the smallest, yet most powerful words in any language, “No”.

Learning to say NO more often, keeps us focussed on our target. No to taking tasks from people when it is their responsibility, (It’s not better to do it yourself, it’s essential you help them do it) No to starting your day with email responses to others, No to that ping alert for your new emails and No to too much TV No to too much Facebook and social media

Here is a great question to keep asking yourself,

“Will this help take me to where I want to go?”

We know we can’t be everywhere, doing everything and avoid the distractions, dilemmas and dramas that continue to present themselves, however we can reduce the time spent on them.

I hear you, claiming all the distractions that take you away from your core focus, all of them urgent, important and having to be handled by you.

And yes I know that there will always be times that you feel obligated to step into something that takes you away from what you want and need to be doing. And I’m not trying to stop you helping your loved ones or your staff when things are sticky.

What I’m saying is that the awareness of why you said yes lets you stay focussed and then you offer what help you can and get back to your own agenda as soon as you can.

When I talk about your vision and getting clear, I’m talking about your personal life, not your business. Your business is simply one of the tools you use to help you bring your vision into life. As Steve Jobs said,

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life

He said he got it wrong, focusing on work and material success, how sad for a man that was so well respected. Respected by the business community but maybe not by his family, his friends; the people who matter most in anyone’s life.

Let’s take our inspiration from the likes of Richard Branson, who entertains his guests and work colleagues on Nectar Island working and playing at the same time, or look at how Brad Pitt is often photographed playing with his kids on the beach. Work should be part of your life, not all of it.

Get your vision clear and then use your business to get you there.

I ask you about your vision, not because I want to know what it is, but because it’s so important and I want you to have one.

Because if you do, then you know where you are going, that you are focussed on making it happen and more than that, if you have a clear vision, that tells me you are happy.

I’ll ask again, because, like I said, this is important.  “What’s your Vision?”

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