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Why Bother?

We always hear talk about two main resources in business, time and money, and often these two elements are used as a great excuse for not getting stuff done.

I know when I hear, “if only….” then it’s a sure thing an excuse is coming.

And yet, I believe there’s an equally important third element, one that can push us past the limitations of time and money, one we often forget, the vibration of the universe that we call energy.

When we speak to people who have achieved great things in life, their story often revolves round their efforts, their learnings and the people who helped, inspired and motivated them.

Recently I went along to hear Jamie Andrews speak. If you don’t know his story, Jamie was an avid mountain climber who got caught in a fierce storm in the French Alps. The result was that he not only lost his best friend, who died near the summit, but after his own rescue from near death, Jamie had to have both his hands and feet amputated due to sever frostbite.

Now many would think that would be the start of a life of struggle, of hopelessness, pain, sorrow and anger. And yet since his potentially life-shattering event, Jamie has married, fathered three children and succeeded in climbing to the summit of Mount Everest.

Was it easy for him? No, certainly not but as he himself states, he simply takes life one day at a time and looks to achieve a bit more than he did the day before. Does he feel sorry for himself? No, he talks about his achievements in spite of his limitations and was even able to demonstrate his juggling act that he perfected with specially made racket limb attachments. He has looked for the good in his life and built his life and real success on doing so.

Jamie didn’t depend on the two resources we most credit or blame for our success, he utilised the third, energy, with great effect.

So let’s quickly examine energy. It affects everything around us and yet cannot be seen. I know my experience of talking to and working with highly energetic people. They’re pumped up, enthusiastic, inspirational and fun to be with. They have contagious energy in abundance, affecting those around them.

In contrast the slob that can’t be bothered moving off the sofa is often lonely, isolated and glum. And yet, that low vibrational energy can also infect you if you chose to spend too much time with them.

So yes there is time, and there is money. However it’s your energy that has a huge impact on your success – whatever you want, and want enough, you can create an energy around it, a focus for it and that in turn will create a drive and power that nothing, except you, can stop.

So here are a couple of questions to think about how to get your energy to move towards your business success

·        How inspired are you with your current plan for your business?

·        What do you need to change to give your focus some extra energy?

·        Who is helping you with that?

So now put your head in the air, put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and start your energy push today – in the words of Gandhi, “Action expresses priorities” and this, after all, this is the first day of the rest of your life.

I’m off to explore these questions myself!

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Sam (Chris Sams Rafferty)

Thanks Jane – great article and a very inspiring man!

10 years ago

Thank you Sam, good to hear from you.

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