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Will They Follow My Processes?

Have you ever gone out for a meal and be so impressed with the whole experience that you wanted to go back again? So the next time you’re all excited before you go, really looking forward to a similar experience only to find that something is missing, maybe you don’t feel as welcome as before, or the waitress that served you has a night off or the food isn’t just quite as good as you remember it to be, or you didn’t get the same table.

Although your second experience was good, it just did not meet the expectation you had after your first one and you are left feeling disappointed.

In business, we all want our clients to do two things.

Firstly, come back for more and secondly, tell others all about us.

This means as a business owner, one of our key challenges is how do you provide a consistent service after you take on people, because people all do things their own way, people are all different and that can make it really difficult to maintain a consistent service for your clients especially when you’re not there.

In a restaurant, it helps that the staff are all in the same place. However if your company is mobile, visiting client locations, then you’ll have different people going out to different locations in company vehicles, making it trickier to create a consistent experience for your all clients each time they use your services.

Is there any way you can guarantee that every client gets the same experience?

Yes, and it involves great training, setting expectations and working together to ensure everyone embodies the company culture regardless of where they are or what they are doing.

Most people ignore this part, however great training includes documentation. And once you have documentation, you have a reference point for your people after training is complete.

When I work with clients, the thought of documenting what needs to be done can seem like a laborious task; so here are some of the advantages to get you, if not excited, at least committed to getting it done.

  1. Creating the ideal
    Initially you have to think, not about how the job is currently done, but how we would like the customer experience to be and how we can prepare well for that. This often adds or removes tasks that have been done in a different sequence to improve the flow of the process.
  2. Procedural Analysis
    A procedure explains the different steps required to complete the task, including the different options available to the customer. It often includes an abbreviated check sheet to ensure all steps of the task are completed and nothing has been missed out.
  3. Training
    Once created, the documentation can be used for training to ensure consistency; it’s an easy way to ensure that everyone receives the same instructions. The training also provides an understanding of how important each step is.
  4. Reference
    The documentation becomes a useful resource that can be used for reference, for refreshing people’s understanding, and can easily be updated when procedures change. Your people have a place to go for information, which isn’t you, which frees up some of your time.

How will you get your staff to follow your processes?

It’s important to make sure they understand why you want them to follow the processes. As long as it’s made clear that when clients receive a great, consistent service from your company they will want to come back for more and tell others all about you. Make sure that you start your training by making that intention very clear.

This is what we do at miworld, so if you need help, you know where we are.

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