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Consultancy Hour

Sometimes when I get stuck, I know what I want and maybe even what I should be doing, however it doesn’t matter how much I try, it just doesn’t feel like I am making progress or that my people are helping me to make progress.

This is when I have a strategy hour with myself, it lets me see where I need to focus to move forward and gets me back on track and out of that rut.

Maybe this would be useful for you too, there is so much changing in the world we live in, sometimes we need to look at how we can change the way we are working too.

“You seemed to be able to cut right to the core issues with just a few questions and seem to know just the right questions to ask”

Ron Mills, Business Coach

“You made me think about things I didn’t even think I should be thinking about.”

John Paterson, Director. Paterson Joinery

“Your unwavering enthusiasm and confidence in me has helped me to make molehills out of mountains and enabled me to stamp on these with ease.”

Julie Diver, Managing Director. 39 Steps