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“Sometimes a burning desire can lose its power, because
of “stuff” happening. The masterclass tidied my mind and
gave me the energy to go into action.”
Chef Chiara, Italian Food with Style

“Beyond expectations, I didn’t think other people had the same
“problems” as me. This was so helpful to partake and
resolve together with Jane’s insights.”
Mette Baillie, Director at Freja Design Dressmaking

“It was great to spend a day with people who wanted to focus on their
business and delve deeper into a specific challenge
that we had. The information and advice
given were invaluable.”
Keith Kemp, Director Tergeo Cleaning

“I need to stop doing things that don’t take me towards my vision.
Constructive group environment for helping
streamlining business process issues.”
Philip Horne, Director ”Linked into Sales

“Thank you for helping me help myself”
Mette Baillie, Director at Freja Design Dressmaking

“You made me aware of the very important areas in my life that I have
devoted no time to. I thought it was funny that “time management”
is almost not a thing, it is the management of thought that count.
You really did raise me up, thank you Jane.”
Mette Baillie, Director at Freja Design Dressmaking

“Very clear and conscience. At the end I was left
with a feeling of, I just want to get on with it.”
Sophie Strang, Director Sophietaysomarketing

“Excellent presentation from an extremely
professional and knowledgeable person.”
Andy Gilhooly, Travel Councellors

“A huge success, has made me look at my business in a
different way and really focus on what is important”
Chris Duffy, Director Smart Property Management and Lettings

“Lovely to hear from you, Life is as fascinating as ever.
I’ve loved your miviews, they’ve created a real jolt of reality to consciousness.
Much love,”
Lorna Pellet, Cake Enthusiast at Love Pure Cakes

“Professional, Precise and Inspirational
I have been using miworld to help drive my business forward for over half a year now, without Jane’s help and guidance i would not have been able to increase productivity or take on the national contracts we are currently fulfilling.

Initially Jane asked the difficult questions to break down the different segments of the business and the overall goals. Even this seemingly simple task allowed me to step back and start working on, rather than in my business. New procedures were put in place to save time and enable the company to become more proactive rather than reactive.

Our follow up meetings involve goal monitoring and brainstorming sessions to further improve the growth of the company however Jane is always willing to help the business whenever there is an unforeseen challenge or new opportunity. Jane’s ability to listen, ask the important questions and willingness to collaboratively work to find the correct answer make miworld a fantastic resource for my company.

I would recommend miworld consultancy to any business looking for new areas of growth and look forward to continued development of my business with Jane.”
Graeme Milton. Director, three collective

“You made me think about things I didn’t even think I should be thinking about”
John Paterson, Director. Paterson Joinery

“You made me think bigger quicker”
J. Fleming, Creative Designer

“I would like to thank you for your time in helping me with the structuring of my business. You have given me a better plan to follow. It has been interesting and motivating, I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. My view is so much clearer now.”
Jan Dunn. Commercial Cleaning Services

“I would like to thank to thank you for helping me manage my time more strategically. I was unsure of what your course would entail and you took me down a far different route to what I thought the course would be.

To take time out of the business for self development is time I could ill afford but having been on your course which opens the mind i have now been able to be more proactive and more positive with my time.
I look forward to the follow up which i know you have asked to do and look forward to this.

I am delighted to recommend your course to anyone and indeed would encourage any business owners to take “time” out to do this.”
Jamie Bowes. Director, First display

“In February 2007 I attended Jane Quinn’s Lifetime goals workshop.
I had tried many other similar types of training and self development in the past few years with little or no lasting effect on myself or my business.

As part of the day I was tasked to ‘dream’ of what I actually wanted from my business and personal life. I determined that I wish to expand my Leaflet Distribution Company from the turnover of £2,000 per month to £5,000 per month by the end of June, a period of 4 months.

As of today, 26th June the turnover for June stands at £5,890.
Jane’s workshop enabled me to see beyond my limiting view and accept that whatever I wanted was possible. Thank you Jane for an illuminating and fantastic day.”
Stewart Paterson. Olbol

“Without your guidance and support, I would not have been able to bring on my first employee”
Cat Cripps, Director. Wildcat Solutions

“Everyone was agreed one of the best presentations we have had to date. I hope you will be able to come back again in the near future”
Patrick Hughes, JCI

”I took away many ideas and actions that I will take into my business to make it run more smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending your masterclasses.”
Phil Horne e-business promotion

“you seemed to be able to cut right to the core issues with just a few questions and seem to know just the right question to ask. I have a much clearer view of what I want for my future, a clarity that was lacking before we worked together. As a coach myself, it is great to work with a talented and skilled practitioner who embodies and displays the best practices of our profession.”
Ron Mills, Business Coach

“I just wanted to write to say thank you very much to you for the expert way in which you have steered Charlie and I onto the right path, business wise. Over the last three months we have been working with you on a fortnightly basis and you have made a dramatic change. We now know what we want form our business and what we have to do to achieve that. I think you would agree that this is a million miles from the position we were at in April” Thank you so much for your help.”
Jeanette Hamill, Owner. Hamill Decorators

“Our work together has led me to make significant changes within the business for the better. Your unwavering enthusiasm and confidence in me has helped me to make molehills out of mountains and enabled me to stamp on these with ease.

I enjoy being able to be so candid with someone who is interested in me and my business, as being a business owner can be a lonely place. Your cheerfulness and optimism coupled with experience with people has helped me in working with my own team. My business has real foundations with processes that have been built on as a direct result of our working together.

I have passed on your name to other business owners who I know would benefit enormously by working with such a warm, kind, experienced, genuine and optimistic person and will continue to recommend you.

I very much look forward to us working together again in the future.”
Julie Diver, Managing Director. 39 Steps

“I recently set up my own photography business and Jane provided me with a series of coaching sessions.

These sessions have been structured but also relaxed as Jane naturally builds rapport with people.

During each session Jane has helped me to focus on a number of key areas of my business including business structure, networking, processes and marketing. This has enabled me to breakdown what it was I wanted to achieve and to make the right decisions required to get my business up and running and heading in the right direction.

Through these sessions I have managed to develop a business plan to take my business forward but also ensuring that I am building it on span class=”quotee” efficient processes.

Her advice and guidance has been invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high calibre business coaching.”
Paul Johnston, Director. Copper Mango Limited.

“Everyone was agreed one of the best presentations we have had to date. I hope you will be able to come back again in the near future”
Patrick Hughes, JCI

“Absolutely amazing! I learned one of the most important skills – go along and see for yourself”
Kyle McAndrew, Shareholder. McAndrew Enterprises.

“Very relevant and personal. Jane managed to combine the general issues in business and problems we face with the personal problems as well”
Craig Middleton, Consultant. Legal TX

“It was very useful; it’s good to get round a table with positive people with everyone’s challenges.”
Fraser Hamilton, Director. Boom

“Having worked together for nearly six months now I feel that my business is stronger and more streamlined and that I am more relaxed and able to focus on the important parts of the business.
The media may be predicting doom and gloom for 2009 but I am confident that, as a result of your help, it will be a fantastic year for my business and I.
I am delighted to continue recommending your services to others.
Thanks again Jane.”

Ben Jones, Millionaire-in-training

“It was well run, fun and informative with a personal touch that meant every business owner left the class with the tailored ways to get results from their own business” I look forward to the next one”
Oliver Margry, Director. Himalayan Footsteps

“I really enjoyed the Masterclass and found it very worthwhile”
Derek Wilson, Director. Distribution Unlimited

“I found the wheel of life very interesting; I have never seen that before”
Pete McHale, Director. P.J. McHale Builders and Joiners

“Thank you very much for your training course. I enjoyed learning about important structures of business and how to accurately set goals for not only my business but my whole life

We enjoyed learning so much that we have advised Jane that we will be attending the next stage”
Neil and Kyle McAndrew, McAndrew Enterprises

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