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“You made me think about things I didn’t even think I should be thinking about”
John Paterson, Director. Paterson Joinery

“You made me think bigger, quicker”
J. Fleming, Creative Designer

“I have worked with Jane and Miworld since 2009. In various ways, and different programmes.

I have worked with other coaches, but Jane has remained my one go to person all through those years. I don’t know where I would have been without her amazing support.

Back in 2009 when I signed up with her, I had a young business, I had love for my work, and no clue how to run a business. I had rapid growth and a lot of chaos. With Jane’s help I got my business down to structured processes, and strategies for growth and strategies for marketing and many other aspects of my business. She helped me grow and get beautiful premises in a prestigious location.

Years later I ended up with a difficult cancer diagnosis. Jane helped not only me but my business through that. Soon after my diagnosis we had a few very difficult meetings and she supported me planning how the business could run with me facing many months of treatment.

Recently Jane has helped me to pivot my business, from only working with customers one on one, to also set up online offerings and develop semi passive income.

The work we have done has no doubt made my business super resilient for all the crazy stuff life throws at us. But also develop a very good reputation, develop a business which is top in Scotland for what we do, and a business with very high staff retention and staff and owner happiness and feeling of accomplishment.

Jane is super at asking questions, listening and giving space to develop own solutions and make own decisions for the business. I have never left a meeting with Jane, without being full of energy just a zest for business, and zest for life.

I can’t praise Jane highly enough for her role in my business life over the last nearly 15 years.”
Mette Baillie, Director at Freja Design Dressmaking

“Everyone was agreed one of the best presentations we have had to date. I hope you will be able to come back again in the near future”
Patrick Hughes, JCI

“You seemed to be able to cut right to the core issues with just a few questions and seem to know just the right question to ask. I have a much clearer view of what I want for my future, a clarity that was lacking before we worked together. As a coach myself, it is great to work with a talented and skilled practitioner who embodies and displays the best practices of our profession.”
Ron Mills, Business Coach

“I would recommend miworld consultancy to any business looking for new areas of growth and look forward to continued development of my business with Jane.”
Graeme Milton, Director, Three Collective

“I just wanted to write to say thank you very much to you for the expert way in which you have steered Charlie and I onto the right path, business wise. Over the last three months we have been working with you on a fortnightly basis and you have made a dramatic change. We now know what we want form our business and what we have to do to achieve that. I think you would agree that this is a million miles from the position we were at in April” Thank you so much for your help.”
Jeanette Hamill, Owner, Hamill Decorators

“I very much look forward to us working together again in the future.”
Julie Diver, Managing Director, 39 Steps

“Having worked together for nearly six months now I feel that my business is stronger and more streamlined and that I am more relaxed and able to focus on the important parts of the business. The media may be predicting doom and gloom … but I am confident that, as a result of your help, it will be a fantastic year for my business and I. I am delighted to continue recommending your services to others. Thanks again, Jane.”
Ben Jones, Millionaire-in-training

“Without your guidance and support, I would not have been able to bring on my first employee”
Cat Cripps, Director, Wildcat Solutions

“I found the wheel of life very interesting; I have never seen that before”
Pete McHale, Director, P.J. McHale Builders and Joiners

“Lovely to hear from you, Life is as fascinating as ever. I’ve loved your miviews, they’ve created a real jolt of reality to consciousness. Much love,”
Lorna Pellet, Cake Enthusiast at Love Pure Cakes

”I took away many ideas and actions that I will take into my business to make it run more smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending your masterclasses.”
Philip Horne, E-business Promotion

“Very clear and conscience. At the end I was left with a feeling of, I just want to get on with it.”
Sophie Strang, Director Sophietayso Marketing

“Excellent presentation from an extremely professional and knowledgeable person.”
Andy Gilhooly, Travel Councellors

“Has made me look at my business in a different way and really focus on what is important”
Chris Duffy, Director Smart Property Management and Lettings

“Sometimes a burning desire can lose its power, because of “stuff” happening. The masterclass tidied my mind and gave me the energy to go into action.”
Chef Chiara, Italian Food with Style

“Beyond expectations, I didn’t think other people had the same “problems” as me. This was so helpful to partake and resolve together with Jane’s insights.”
Mette Baillie, Director at Freja Design Dressmaking

“I would like to thank to thank you for helping me manage my time more strategically. I was unsure of what your course would entail and you took me down a far different route to what I thought the course would be.

To take time out of the business for self development is time I could ill afford but having been on your course which opens the mind I have now been able to be more proactive and more positive with my time. I look forward to the follow up which I know you have asked to do and look forward to this.

I am delighted to recommend your course to anyone and indeed would encourage any business owners to take “time” out to do this.”
Jamie Bowes, Director, First Display

“You made me aware of the very important areas in my life that I have devoted no time to. I thought it was funny that ‘time management’ is almost not a thing, it is the management of thought that count. You really did raise me up, thank you Jane.”
Mette Baillie, Director at Freja Design Dressmaking

“I need to stop doing things that don’t take me towards my vision. Constructive group environment for helping streamlining business process issues.”
Philip Horne, Director, Linked into Sales

“It was very useful; it’s good to get round a table with positive people with everyone’s challenges.”
Fraser Hamilton, Director, Boom

“It was well run, fun and informative with a personal touch that meant every business owner left the class with the tailored ways to get results from their own business” I look forward to the next one”
Oliver Margry, Director, Himalayan Footsteps

“Jane and I worked together when Scottish Provident was undergoing its major transformation from a long established, traditional life insurance company to a market leading, innovative and 5 star brand. We won awards for our products, customer service and systems. She was in charge of the key task of reinventing the crucial New Business department. Critical to our success were Jane’s organisational skills and her sure touch with people. She played a major part in the process of making Scottish Provident a company that was bought for billions and I remember that time with real excitement and affection. If ever, I was offered the chance to repeat the experience my first call would be to Jane!”
Andrew Kennedy, Former Head of New Business, Scottish Provident

“I was so excited at the rate my hairdressing business was growing after opening my third shop. But oh wow, that’s when things stopped being fun!I found it difficult to be in three places at once. When I had two shops it had worked quite well, as I was able to easily get from one to the other to be where I was needed most but then everything went up in the air and I was all over the place with the three shops and so many more people to organise every day. And that’s when I was referred to Jane, thankfully shortly after opening my third shop. Jane introduced some great business concepts that made me really look at what I was doing, not as a hairdresser but like a business owner! A completely different perspective for me, at the time. We built a strong foundation in the first shop with strategies and processes that covered both the people and the systems. It was easy to implement and I was able to easily replicate it and extend the new procedures into my other shops in a logical, consistent way. I have just opened shop number six in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh and we were delighted to be part of the award winning team who lifted the Best Barber trophy this year, 2013. I would recommend Jane and miworld to any ambitious business owners who feel frustrated and confused today and want to build a real business for tomorrow. It’s much easier to grow with the backing of solid guidance, wisdom and support.”
Scott Williams, Founder, Boombarbers

“Dionne and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for working with us through your series of Business Development Modules. They were absolutely amazing and hardly a day goes by, that we do not put one of your ideas and concepts into action. Your business knowledge and experience has helped us to transform the company into what it is today. I have no hesitation in recommending you and your service to anyone who is looking to develop and streamline their business. You are not only a great mentor, but our very own business guru who understands that running a house, family marriage and company, wears out a tremendous amount of hats. Many thanks for your help and continual support.”
Colin and Dionne Read, BNI Franchisee

“My session with Jane really helped me define how I want my business to work. I see her as being similar to a personal trainer; anyone can have a gym membership, but having someone who really knows her subject and can see exactly what’s going on with you and your body; the way Jane works with my business is very similar. Her vast experience, knowledge and insights into how to work really smartly in business, combined with her attention to details make her work very effective. I would recommend Jane to any business owner or manager who wants to work smarter or more efficiently and enhance the quality of what they offer. Thank you Jane”
Jen Gold, Business Owner, Reconnect to Self

“Dear Jane, When I was made redundant, I felt as though the world had turned upside down and inside out. After all I was the most talented, far sighted and forward thinking of my employer’s senior managers. It wasn’t my fault that I was too talented, far sighted and forward thinking for their tastes. I was angry, fearful and below that, there was a part of me that was hurt and afraid that they were right and I wasn’t what I thought I was. Jane Quinn’s coaching helped me depersonalize the redundancy, she made me realize that although I had been made redundant, it wasn’t me who had failed. She helped me through the anger, despair and fear, enabling me to focus, to develop a plan that would help me get what I wanted; back to work. She then helped me focus week after week, with daily and weekly activity plans, achievement points and rewards for when something positive occurred. The bi-weekly trip to the Benefits Office which was humiliating and frustrating became manageable as Jane made me see that I didn’t fit there and that was a good thing. And when I started to slide into the great unwashed role model, she pulled me out of that too. Jane is the most considerate, gentle person I know, but she will make you answer the hard questions, she will pull the answers you don’t want to give out of you, she will make you face your demons, albeit, in the most gentle, considerate manner. Don’t let her fool you; Jane won’t let you shirk your responsibility to yourself, your responsibility to do better, to think better and to feel better. I would recommend Jane Quinn to anyone who is facing a life changing set of circumstances, she is a rock to cling to when you feel most battered and have lost the will to fight. She lends you strength and belief until you can stand on your own two feet again, she motivates and encourages and in the end you may do what’s required of you because you don’t want to let Jane down, however you’ve done it, and she’ll celebrate those small victories with you too. Today, I’m sitting with two job offers and another couple of interviews for other opportunities lined up. Would I have got here without Jane, possibly, but it would have been a much harder, lonelier road and I wouldn’t have felt as positive for as long and discouraged for so short a time. I thank Jane sincerely for her help and support and hope you get to experience miworld with her.”
Cynthia, Client

“Dear Jane, I just wanted to write and say thank you. As you know when I first started my coaching sessions I found myself living in a very uncomfortable situation with somebody I had no love for. This left me feeling hopeless, sad and irritated. I was emotionally exhausted and still grieving over the sudden death of my husband. My first coaching session allowed me, for the first time to actually realise how unhappy I was and immediately instilled this determination to do something about it. In order for me to free myself from this situation my first action was to move house. By doing this I was making a statement to my partner, one that he could not ignore, the way he had ignored my previous emotional reasons for not staying with him. This was the only way. By setting a goals and seeing my very tight wheel of life combined with talking to you and listening to myself talking to you – I recollect on numerous occasions saying “I can’t” only to be encouraged with “you can” Once I realised I could, there was no stopping me. It didn’t take long for me to build up the strength, it felt very quick and then I thought why did I set a 5-year goal – why should I wait and live a lie. Once I had made my decision and informed those closest to me I felt free and was able to follow my own path. I am now settled in my new house after getting the keys earlier this month and my 5-year plan is completed after only one year. Without my coaching sessions I would never have made this move. Because I have, I now feel my life is positive, I feel much stronger and anything I choose to do now and in the future, I know I can do. Can’t is no longer an option. Thank you so much.”
Marion, Client