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VisionWorks: Set your vision and make sure it comes to life.

Jane Quinn spent a decade creating #VisionWorks, a supercharged, highly targeted effective business development programme with a proven format where successful people share their experiences, learn from them and each other with a focus on moving forward faster.

As a leading business development coach, Jane facilitates every meeting, ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to help and be helped, to give and receive expert advice and guidance.

Stage 1: The VisionWorks Masterclass

Taking an honest look at what you really want to accomplish from your life, why that is important to you, and how we can stay motivated through your journey. We then strengthen your business as a means of achieving that.

This class will show you where you want your life and your business to go, what you need to do to get started on your journey and looks at what you’re currently doing that you don’t need to do anymore.

This class will change how you think about everything, your life, your work and your family and you’ll understand your life’s priority in a totally new way.

“Sometimes a burning desire can lose its power, because
of “stuff” happening. The masterclass tidied my mind and
gave me the energy to go into action.”

Chef Chiara, Italian Food with Style

“When I work in a Visionworks group, I’m continually blown away
by the quality of thehelp and solutions that are given to the problems presented.
It never ceases to amaze me how creative we can get as a group, to
tackle someone’s issues in that meeting.”

Jane Quinn, Founder of VisionWorks

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Stage 2: The VisionWorks Monthly Programme

Digging deep into your motives, uncovering your dreams and unleashing your ambitions. You will be held accountable for the tasks you’ve undertaken, checking off your accomplishments and sharing your wins.

We gather momentum, working smarter, faster and easier as you unite with other determined, focused, success hungry entrepreneurs to bring all of your desires to life. You can put yourself in a better position to succeed by simply sharing your time, once a month, with other like-minded and motivated individuals.

You’ll be encouraged and kept going when you encounter hard times.

Your VisionWorks Group is a place where members can get their questions answered and find solutions to their problems.

“Beyond expectations, I didn’t think other people had the same “problems” as me.
This was so helpful to partake and resolve together with Jane’s insights.”

Mette Baillie, Director at Freja Design Dressmaking

“The principles of business rarely change; whatever you’re 
going through, someone’s been there before you”

Jane Quinn, Founder of VisionWorks

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