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Big Wheels keep on turning, and we keep on rolling, rolling…

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like that? The world keeps turning and we just do what we need to do every day, day in and day out and the months go by. The years go by!


We can’t stop the world from turning and we still do what we have to do, however, we can alter things, we can make our lives, bigger, fuller, more.

Usually I write about business, after all, I am a business consultant and most of the people I meet are in business, doing business with me, becoming clients, collaborators and colleagues.

However business is just one area of our lives and sometimes the other parts of our life needs attention and intention too. This is when we stop, reconsider where we are, what our priorities are and we can consider our options and decide how move on again.

This sounds like a good practice for me however I was shocked to read that only 4% of the population actually take time to plan out what they want from their life. Because this is so important to me and I think it’s incredibly important for us all, I want to help more people do this.

After much research on the topic, I focus on the seven areas that I consider have the biggest impact on our lives:

health – How well do you take care of yourself?
fun – How do you make a real difference to the people in your world?
learning – People who succeed in life are continually growing, are you?
people – Do your most important relationships need attention?
money – How far down the road to financial independence are you?
business – Is your business staying on track with your plan?
connection – How good is your spiritual connection to that of a higher universal source, maybe you God or energy?

We can represent this as a Big Wheel which shows you the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be, so you can create strategies in life to bridge that gap. Regular reviews can allow you to take stock on your progress and see what you want to focus on next to build that bigger, brighter, fuller life that has more of what you want in it.

“Dear Jane, I just wanted to write and say thank you. I set goals after seeing my very tight wheel of life, listening to myself and talking to you…I recollect on many occasions saying, “I can’t” only to be encouraged with, “you can”…. My five year plan is completed after only one year and I now feel my life is positive, I feel much stronger and can’t is no longer an option for me. Thank you so much.”
Marion, NHS, Edinburgh

“I found the wheel of life very interesting, I have never seen that before.”
Pete McHale, Director. P.J.McHale Builders and Joiners