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Personal Development

Big Wheel keep on turning, and we keep on rolling, rolling…

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like that? The world keeps turning and we just do what we need to do every day, day in and day out and the months go by. The years go by!


We can’t stop the world from turning and we still do what we have to do, however, we can change things, we can make our lives, bigger, fuller, more.

Usually I write about business, after all, I am a business consultant and most of the people I meet are in business, doing business with me, becoming clients, collaborators and colleagues.

However business is just one area of our lives and sometimes the other parts of our life needs attention and intention too.

Last year, in a relaxed atmosphere in my home, I started doing a wheel of life with my close friends. They loved it so much, they had me hold another event where they invited their friends, women that I did not know.

Everyone at those two parties told me how useful and insightful they found the experience and they had so much fun as they explored their lives and what they wanted to do in every aspect of those lives.

They got so much from it that I want to extend the invitation to all the women I know.

And like the last two times, the style of the event is informal and easy, with each of us contributing to a light buffet. We all loved the variety of food that appeared before, and there’s no pressure for it to be homemade.

Another reason I want to offer this event is because I was shocked to read that only 4% of the population actually take time to plan out what they want from their life. This is so important to me and I think its incredibly important for us all and I want to help more people do this.

After much research on the topic, I focus on the seven areas that I consider have the biggest impact on our lives:

  • mihealth – How well do you take care of yourself?
  • mifun – How do you make a real difference to the people in your world?
  • milearning – People who succeed in life are continually growing, are you?
  • mipeople – Do your most important relationships need attention?
  • mimoney – How far down the road to financial independence are you?
  • mibusiness – Is your business staying on track with your plan?
  • misconnection – How good is your spiritual connection to a higher universal source?

The Big Wheel shows you the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be, so you can create strategies in life to bridge that gap. This is a quarterly event, allowing you to take stock every three months on the progress you’re making and what you want to focus on next to build that bigger, brighter, fuller life that has more of what you want in it.

Come along, meet new people, make new friends, taste food you haven’t had to make yourself and learn how to live big! Its totally fun, easy and supportive.

Next Event Details

Date: Click here for upcoming events
Investments: £49 (£35 for members)
12:30-1pm – arrive with a vegetarian contribution to a light buffet lunch to be served at 1pm.
1-1:30pm Lunch
1:40pm – 3:15pm Session

My Edinburgh address will be confirmed on booking.

I look forward to seeing you there, Lets all be one of the 4%


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