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Archive for June, 2011

Action Cures Fear

Action cures fear.  Simple yet powerful.  By taking action we can move away from fear. This allows us to move towards our desires.  So:  What is your biggest desire right now? What are you willing to give up for it? How much time daily are you devoting to ensure you acquire it?  We love and read all your comments – please keep them coming.


Walking In the Rain

200611   Well it’s June and we are thinking about summer weather and planning summer events. We are half way through the year already!   I had a family get together last weekend, I had the garden sorted for us to enjoy the fresh air, I had cool juice to enjoy and I was looking forward to catching up with everyone.   Then the rain came on!   They all arrived, we moved some furniture…


The Conundrum of Three Rings

Do you really need to answer the phone in 3 rings? I was out walking the other night, thinking about a particular comment made by a client. “It’s always been really important for me to answer the phone in three rings.” So why?  Why is that so important? Does answering the phone in 3 rings….. give the impression of attention? confirm that the call is important to you? let the caller know they have instant…


What Time Is It?

Today, I invite you to look at the topic of time. People often talk to me about the best use of time or how to use their time most effectively. Brian Tracey, the author of the book “Focal Point” suggests that you “always concentrate on the most valuable use of your time” which sounds great, but if we consider the seasons, different times call for different actions.  This may be a time to sow or…


What Do You Think About?

Today, I invite you to look at the power of asking yourself some quality questions. In the book, “Thinking Today as if Tomorrow Mattered” John Adams asks us if we think short term and local or long term and global? For some people, this can be a real eye opener so I decided to share this reflection with you. Ask yourself: How can I live today to reflect my acceptance that tomorrow does, indeed, matter?…

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