Have you ever thought about that? What would happen if you stopped turning up to work? Would your business fall apart or would it carry on, despite a wobble here or there? One

I remember talking to a lady I know who’d just gotten a promotion. Fantastic! I said, I love hearing about people growing and thriving and succeeding in their lives. As I congratulated her,

I’ve always found one of the hardest things to deal with is a blank piece of paper. I’ll sit looking at it with the intention of creating something: a picture of my dream,

Passion comes from desire, a longing to work at something you are excited about, something you are good at and something you ache to always get back to. No-one else might consider it

You know why you’re in business. You know what you want from your business and you know what you want for your business. That’s great, pretty key stuff for you to get from

I woke up on Saturday morning; the sun streaming in through the window and impulsively decided today was going to be a beach day. Sun, sea sand, we have to grab every opportunity

Many of my clients run a family business, with family members holding different roles within the company. Reading up on the subject, I found some interesting facts, not about the family unit, but

One of the recurring themes in the testimonials I receive from my clients is gratitude for the way I not only simplify their business, but make their life easier too. Because they become

I was speaking with a managing director the other day and had the opportunity to ask one of my favourite questions, “What’s your biggest challenge in business” She replied, “My staff won’t do

When I started up in business, I found myself so excited with what I was doing, there always seemed to be so much more to do, I spent more and more time working

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