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Archive for May, 2014

Double? Did I hear you say double your income?

When the cold January winds blew, goals were set and plans were made, the future of your business was looking good. But now it’s May and as well as ‘the cloot’ that is getting cast oot, some of the goals and dreams you planned have gone as well.   For those that want a serious look at their business – with a view to double your turnover, then miworld has just the thing for you….


When am I supposed to do that?

“The art of Delegation Introduction – Why delegate?” It’s often been heard, “I love what I do, I really know my stuff and I could do a better job if I had my own business rather than working for someone else. How hard can it be?” Then a bit of time passes – as a Business Owner, it started off fine, but now there’s so many different jobs to do, people to see and clients…


How long is a long time for you? I was asked the other day, ‘Do you have contact details for Keith?” “Yes” I said, “but it may take a while for me to access them.” You see, although my contacts are all on an on-line system that I can access anywhere in the world, iphone, and wifi permitting…..I knew it would take me a wee while to log in and then look him up. The reality, probably a couple…

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