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Archive for November, 2015

You Don’t Have Enough…Time?

Do you ever take a frustrated breath and say, “I didn’t have enough time to do that?” Something I have heard, sadly on many occasions. At miworld, we take a totally different approach to traditional time management and can help you really focus on greater achievements. It will all be revealed in our next Masterclass entitled, “Who Raises You Up?” By combining Clarity for your business with better Use of Time, your business gets better…


Who Raises You Up? – Masterclass Early Bird Offer Deadline Looming

Today I want to talk to you about clarity . I’m honoured that clarity is the word I most hear when asking clients for feedback on their work with me and what it achieved for them. I love it when clients tell me, “You give me clarity” How is your business better because of clarity? • It becomes easier to plan, • It becomes easier to focus, • It gets easier to start new projects,…

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