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Archive for December, 2015

Save the Turkeys

Amidst all our Christmas shopping, dinner planning and friendly gatherings, I wanted to take some time to wish you all a very happy time over the festive period. Whether you are enjoying happy family times, getting in a bit of relaxation or even taking the time for a proper holiday, I wish you peace, happiness and whatever you wish for yourself for the New Year. This year, we are making a donation to bring a…


Rocks and Stuff – Masterclass details

only 11 days until 2016! Do you want to make a real impact on your business next year? Do you want a clear vision of exactly where you are going? Well why not get started in January? If you are still with me then congratulations, you are probably in the minority! So what am I dreaming about? Two things, Big Rocks and goals, together with clarity of thought for effective use of time. I want…


What A Wonderful Year We Had Together

Recently, whilst out walking, feeling the chill of the air and enjoying the rare bright blue sky, I smiled as I reflected over our last year at miworld. Not only did we celebrate 10 years in business with a jolly event, we have helped over 100 clients build better lives through their business. And we did it by working with you! And that’s always so rewarding and so exciting. We did it through personal consultancy…


Can you win at life if you don’t have a plan?

I was chatting away the other day to a young guy who said, “I hate it when people say I need a plan, I don’t” With a sharp intake of breath, I had to restrain myself from unleashing the flurry of thoughts that galloped into my head and stop them from tumbling straight out of my mouth with no filter. Thoughts like: Why on earth would he not want to take time to work on…

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