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Archive for October, 2016

Will Your Business Catch Fire And Keep You Warm?

Long time readers of miview will know that I love getting away for a wee break. And this autumn weekend I was delighted to be driving up to St Andrews in Fife to reunite with some school friends, one of whom recently set up home there. After a quick cup of tea and a catch up, we headed out for lunch and a stroll around the old town, which included a brisk walk to the…


Let’s All Pull Together

It’s a lovely sunny March afternoon, you’re sitting having lunch beside the River Thames hoping for a glimpse of a boat or two. And not any old boat, but one from Oxford or Cambridge, because today one of the UK’s most popular sporting events takes place. This annual spectacle has taken place since 1829, is watched by 270,000 on the banks of the river and by 15 million on television and it lasts mere minutes….


From Little Apple Seeds, Landowning Empires Grow

Maybe you’ve heard the story of John Chapman, most often depicted as a nomadic character wandering about North America, dropping apple seeds everywhere he went. John Chapman became known as Johnny Appleseed, but there’s a surprising twist in the truth of Chapman’s story that’s much more interesting. Born in Massachusetts on 26th September 1774, Johnny was born during the American Revolution. When it was over he was 9 years old, living with his father, a…


When I Grow Up I Want To Be a Vet, or a Nurse, or….

At around six years old I remember the sunshine beaming onto my face as I watched the girl on the pony being led round the paddock. We were at the children’s farm at Edinburgh Zoo I was so excited and it was nearly my turn for a pony ride. I kept a very close eye on the girl leading the pony, how lucky was she getting to work with horses every day. I decided that’s…

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