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Archive for November, 2016

My Plotholed Writing Journey

It is national novel writing month and I am inspired to share my own writing journey because, whether it be a book, an article or something else, we may all have the ability to write, but maybe not the desire to do it. Up until now, the only ‘proper’ writing I had done was at university. We worked in a group and we helped, supported and challenged each other. I missed the group interaction after…


How Good Is Your Impression Of A Hamster?

I used to watch in awe as Jodie, my son’s hamster, jumped onto her wheel and ran and ran and ran, putting her heart and soul into going no-where. There were times when we had to oil her wheel so she could work out in silence and we could get some sleep. Animal instinct amazes me and often amuses me too, think about it; every caged hamster in captivity knows just how to run on…

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