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Archive for December, 2016

What Gifts Did 2016 Have For You?

Many people believe that the New Year is the best time to make resolutions. However, here at miworld, we do things differently and we find that rounding off the year in mid December with a deep review for the preceding 50 weeks works much better. Working on our plans and vision for 2017 before the festive season kicks off means we get to really relax and enjoy the festivities and doing so gets us off…


Give Back Time

In business, especially the service industries in which I work, we tend to exchange our knowledge, talent, skills and experience for our most wanted popular resource; money. The tradition of exchange began long before the invention of money, when historically people traded their excess produce with others. That developed further into markets where different tribes would come together in a meeting place to barter their goods; animal skins, crops, pottery, ironwork and such. They exchanged…

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