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Archive for January, 2017

Rainbow Birthday Cake or Cut-Price Cupcakes?

I’m sure this happens to a lot of you in business; you’ve spent years on honing your skills, you work hard to stay up to date with industry standards, you spend too much time searching for the best supplies and tools at the right prices to give your clients great work at a reasonable price. And then you get phone calls that are only interested in one thing…. “How much do you charge?” ‘How much…


To Judge Or Not To Judge?

Judging people is easy. How often during a day do we all hear other people judging other people, ourselves judging other people and us judging ourselves. Happens all day every day. “Why did they do that?” ‘How could someone do that?’ ‘How horrible are they?’ ‘What were they thinking?’ ‘They’re just not that smart’ ‘They’re not like us’ Why did I do that?’ So much judgement, starting from news media to family dinners, schools to…


Why? The Most Annoying Or The Most Inspiring Question Ever

One of the words you hear small children repeat over and over again is the word, “Why” “Please go and brush your teeth” “Why?” “Daddy, why is that dog brown?” ‘It just is’ ‘Why?’ “Mummy, why do I have to eat all my dinner?” ‘It’ll make you grow up to be big and strong.’ ‘Why?’ “Grandma, why is the sky blue?” ‘Why?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Why?’ As many parents know there are times when you wish you’d…


There’s So Much Information Surrounding Us Now, How Do You Filter Real Knowledge From All The Online Noise?

Every day we are bombarded by information; via news channels, social media and other people’s views and opinions. There’s just so much, about everything and if we took in all that we could, then we would all be truly overwhelmed and exhausted by mid-morning. There’s hundreds of thousands of media outlets that have news and opinions we agree with and there’s just as many that we don’t! I’m sure we all have experienced the ‘lost…

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