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Archive for March, 2017

Seven Secrets to Navigating Challenges

What’s the difference between someone who gets things done and overcomes challenges and someone who doesn’t? Focus, determination, persistence, deadlines is what immediately comes to my mind….. What about you? What qualities came to mind? And when dealing with the challenges faced by businesses and organisations, I believe the role of the leader has a great impact on how challenges are met and dealt with. I boiled down the big list of things I came…


Is Not Letting Go Stopping Your Business Growth?

I was speaking with a managing director the other day and had the opportunity to ask one of my favourite questions, “What’s your biggest challenge in business” She replied, “My staff won’t do as they are told” and this sparked something in me and inspired me to write! “What have you tried” I asked, as I love to learn what strategies people use in business and how effective they are or not. “Well, I tell…


What Would You Do Without a Good Reason?

I’ve started a new self care routine over the past few months and that includes swimming several times a week. I love it because afterwards I feel more energetic, more supple and actually quite chuffed with myself! Recently, when I got to the gym for my swim, the receptionist asked me to use the gents changing rooms. I was understandably confused, “sorry, what?” And again, she asked that I use the gents changing room. “Why?”…


What Did You Give Up?

When I started up in business, I found myself so excited with what I was doing, there always seemed to be so much more to do, I spent more and more time working and I loved it. But that meant I spent less time and energy on other things. And I know I’m not alone in this. Many of you have told me that your business demands much more of your attention, time and energy…

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