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Archive for April, 2017

Is there Still a Need for Time Management Courses?

“Life is difficult,” is the opening line from the book The Road Less Travelled by Scott M Peck. What he goes on to say is that once you know life is difficult, it no longer seems to be difficult. I think it’s a great opening line; it made me stop and think, the first three words of this book stopped me in my tracks! When we acknowledge that things are tough, are we suddenly better…


What’s Top of Your Priority List?

This week is part of National Stress Awareness Month, and I wanted to write a post that shared that focus and suggest some methods to help alleviate and manage the stress we all feel in our business sometimes. There are many aids out there to help us stay focussed and on track with our work and our life, and even though we may use them all, sometimes that feeling of overwhelm kicks in when things…


Are Your Daily Habits the Secret to Your Success?

“Successful people are simply those with successful Habits” Brian Tracy Why you do what you do? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Our actions are mostly the result of what we’ve always thought and so we do what we’ve always done, and we don’t normally give them any more consideration than that. How often do we stop and consider that what we are doing is a habit? In fact almost everything we do…


What? There is no WiFi

Today’s world is full of technology, invisible, world encompassing and when we stop to think about its capabilities, jaw droppingly amazing. It can be incredibly beneficial, helpful for many reasons, my sat nav is my best friend when I’m in my car and all the information we need, and much, much more we don’t, is literally a finger click or two away – as long as we stay switched on. Sometimes I can’t help thinking…

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