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Archive for June, 2017

The Top 5 Benefits To Treating Your Employees As Part Of Your Family

Many of my clients run a family business, with family members holding different roles within the company. Reading up on the subject, I found some interesting facts, not about the family unit, but about the staff that they employ and the way they work together. Did you know that two thirds of the UK businesses are family run? That’s 4.7 million businesses! I became even more interested in the family business dynamic when I discovered…


5 Simple Tips For Running An Awesome Business

One of the recurring themes in the testimonials I receive from my clients is gratitude for the way I not only simplify their business, but make their life easier too. Because they become less frustrated, stressed and tired during their working hours, they are able to relax much more and enjoy their personal endeavours. I think business is like a journey, you are where you are right now and have to accept that is exactly…

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