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Archive for February, 2018

Do You Have A Grand Passion?

Passion comes from desire, a longing to work at something you are excited about, something you are good at and something you ache to always get back to. No-one else might consider it a big thing and it doesn’t matter because it’s a big thing for you. Passion is about emotion, feeling something within you ignited and set ablaze. Passion gives you a thirst or a hunger to act, to do and keep doing that…


Humbled by Hospitality

I never cease to be amazed how cultures differ, and how something quite normal in one is completely alien in another. Or maybe it’s not the cultures that differ, but more the thoughts of the people based on their life experiences in their part of the world. On a recent holiday in Sri Lanka we were honoured to be invited to the home of a Hindu family for dinner and we brought some small gifts…

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