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What Can Businesses Learn From the Superbowl?

We were all bitten with Yankee fever in my house on Sunday, for the biggest annual sports spectacle. My son had his New England Patriot Jersey on And his team won! They won the 2015 Super Bowl. And what was their build up slogan? #finishthejob Who’s jersey was he wearing? Tom Brady’s. ‘Who is he?’ you might ask Brady is the Quarterback for the Patriots, possibly the most influential player on the team. See his…

Back to Basics

Often I hear people talking about how complicated life is and how difficult it is to get focussed, and stay on course, moving forward towards their goal. I’ve noticed how we become enticed into programmes and seminars that promise to show us “Secret formulas for success” and the proliferation of get rich quick schemes and how we look at those we consider successful and wish we were more like them than ourselves, oblivious to the…

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